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The housing market is recovering in the Costa del Sol

In the last two years the property market in Marbella lived for a time in pink. The remains slower economic boom in 2013, occurred in 2014 in fast driving and forecasts for 2015 show that weakens the crisis and rests in an era of economic growth.

The real states love Russian buyers, which help in the severe economic crisis after forces to revive the domestic housing market. From the variables that Russians taking Spanish luxury homes indebted in a big way, knowing only positive restaurateurs and local entrepreneurs.

They stimulate the local economy, since apart from the Arab sheiks once can hardly be a different clientele. Six long years was the real estate market of Spain on the ground, after the bubble burst in 2007 with a bang. More than 40 percent, with prices down at this time. Wealthy Russians buy Spanish villas Six years since the Spanish property market was on the floor. Now that improve. By law, the government can help. Anyone who wants to benefit from it, but have to dig deep into their pockets. The housing market is recovering well in the Spanish Costa del Sol. If you want to learn more about golf and real estate, you just need to contact with one of the most recognized estate agents Ignacio Acosta Sorge.

They have exquisite taste, not negotiate much on the price and pay almost all cash. And they prefer houses on the coast with sea views.
But now the worst is over, especially foreign-funded enterprises have already staked their claims. “Since last September, a revolution is required is carried out, since the cards are reshuffled, and everyone makes its way to the table,” said Mikel Echavarren, CEO of the financial advisor Irea Madrid, talking to the “world”.
“On the menu, we have something for everyone.” Echavarren just launched the German bank advised on a large transaction in Spain and has the entire sector in sight “is again land in sight,” beams recently the Spanish newspaper “El Pais”.

Industrial properties give the first step in the market’s advance

As the first commercial real estate fund dared to return to the Spanish market. Thus acquired an investment fund of Qatar for 200 million euros “Vela” Hotel in Barcelona, and a French real estate fund that is part of the Axa Group, bought 13 commercial properties with a value of 172 million euros.

“Last year was the beginning of only a dozen funds interested in Spain, Blackstone and Apollo were the first, now their number has increased to more than 50” Echavarren said. “Finally, the risk premium has fallen, and investors see that our country, but is significantly more stable than in Greece or Portugal,” said the manager.

Private investors now see again in Spain, including some celebrities. According to media reports, the French billionaire François-Henri Pinault has seen with his wife, Mexican actress Salma Hayek, Finca La Almoraima in Cádiz, south of the country. Discover one of the real estate market trends what is golden visa and what it means for foreign investors?

The best properties in the area

The value of 1400 hectares and is located at 300 million euros. In addition Pinault, whose fortune is estimated at seven million dollars and a dozen other foreign investors are interested in the estate. However, the Almoraima is owned by the Spanish Government. The headlights now even private investors for sale, of course, with the proviso that become hotels. Only in the Balearic Islands are 34 lighthouses.
The overall team wants to benefit from recently attracted interest from foreign investors. In one adopted in the autumn of the law that the beautiful name “Entrepreneurs Act” bears (law for operators), are the first time foreigners who spend more than € 500,000 for the property, residence permit.

The Chinese are welcome to invest in Marbella

At the hearing, the Chinese government has also affluent clientele here. Even at home the Chinese a selection of luxury properties, the organization of travel and shopping liquidation take specialized care as law firms Roca Junyent, which has established a subsidiary in Shanghai will be presented. “We hope we bring 100 transactions worth more than 50 million euros in the stock market this year,” said an employee of the company with respect to economic newspaper “Expansión”.

Echavarren the initiative of the Government is pleased also it brings a lot of new customers. “For us it was time for a law of this kind, which was not in Panama, Cyprus and Portugal have much time.”
Meanwhile it reaches almost one in five home buyers in Spain from abroad. In the attractive coastal regions, this percentage is much higher. In the Balearic Islands, where last year sold more than 3500 non-Spanish properties, there is a 34 percent.

increasingly frequent Chinese investors in Marbella
increasingly frequent Chinese investors in Marbella

The main buyers come from Germany

There the Germans, traditionally the most important group of buyers, competition from the far north have received, namely Sweden, writes sailing magazine published in Malaga Costa “Gaceta Nautica”. But also in other regions, the proportion of foreign buyers has increased disproportionately.

In absolute terms, of course, it is a leader in the Costa del Sol abroad acquired last year, about 13,000 apartments, especially the British. Even the Russians and Algerians benefit from the new visa regulations were strengthened in the market, followed by the Norwegians.

400 kilometers further south, on the Costa del Sol, overseas demand ensured that the housing market after six years of crisis, finally returned to growth, according to the newspaper “El Sur” of Malaga.

Increasingly frequent German tourists on the Costa del Sol
Increasingly frequent German tourists on the Costa del Sol

Second-hand homes now have greater demand

They were in demand mainly used lately homes, whose prices have fallen during the crisis. The real estate site is now talk of a new low-cost segment. Almost all apartments third is available for less than 100,000 euros, before the crisis of supply in this price segment was virtually nonexistent.

Now it might soon be bottoming out. According to Standard & Poor’s, the property this year could even cheaper by five percent, next year is expected to only a decrease of one percent. “Nearly one can already talk about a balance in the housing market,” said Echavarren. And then he adds: “Hurry up, guys.”

Spain is a new real estate market to increase the numbers of the country

Good news for the Spanish economy for the first time in three years housing prices have risen again. However, they still remain empty new buildings hundreds of thousands of people in the country in crisis.
Spain property market shows tentative signs of recovery. In the third quarter the prices of three years provided in prior to the first quarter, as reported by the National Bureau of Statistics.
Since spring, households became more expensive by 0.7 percent. Compared to last year the price decrease of 7.9 percent was not as small as from the end of 2011th.

For the economy of Spain, which has been dissolved in the summer of the recession two years, this is good news. However, it could still take a long time until the effects of the housing bubble exploded deleted. Still standing in Spain hundreds of thousands of new empty buildings, unfinished buildings characterize many landscapes. A bad bank has been established to take real estate loans burst balance sheets of banks and sale.

In September, 12.7 percent of all loans were in crisis, because in view of the weak economic situation, businesses and consumers are struggling to meet their obligations.
The sudden end of the housing boom in Spain was plunged into a deep recession until the third quarter achieved a slight gain.

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Unemployment is as high as in almost any other country in the euro with 26 percent. Since mid-2007, property prices have fallen by 37 percent on average.

In 2015 the property market in Marbella improved its figures

This is the case in the real estate market experienced a significant improvement by rising prices, which can be felt especially in the most prestigious areas, such as near the beach or in construction projects luxury, as in Sierra Blanca in Marbella.
The regions referred to are already well developed, and this trend continues in the provinces and Estepona, Calahonda, Fuengirola and Mijas. There, the housing market is gaining strength and influence markets, as in Puerto Duqueso, Manvila but also the regions of the Costa del Sol.

Interested customer requirements

Most buyers looking for a property in a modern design made of high quality materials, near the coast or golf clubs.
It must also be built architecturally attractive, ie, with large windows, open, spacious rooms and state of the art kitchens or through a home automation system for comfort and functionality. This type of property is most in demand, but the buyer also feel of old buildings, still popular, drawn, now have a modern touch.

Foreign investors are key to the local economy

The emerging property market in Marbella attracts also benefits foreign investors who are. During the crisis, the market was mainly dominated by Russian investors.
As it has improved the economic situation in Arab and European countries, returning more investors from France, Belgium, the Scandinavian countries, and lately mainly from the UK, the market return.
The number of American and Asian investors increased slightly, but possibly could increase further in the future. On the other hand, German investors are still very present.
The property market in Marbella is dependent on international investors, who are attracted by the prices of housing and constantly new highly attractive offers. Improving funding creates incentives for buyers, as well as in the foreign market, which should come this Spanish buyers benefit year.

Looking ahead in the properties in this area

Although the world economy has not yet recovered from the crisis, suggest the favorable factors suggest that there will be a stable global growth this year, especially on the Costa del Sol.
Europe has regained its economic stability and growth begins with Spain reducing government debt and unemployment and increased income and investment. The reduction in fuel prices should also contribute to global economic development.
This year, the sectors of property and construction should contribute for the first time in seven years equal to economic growth.
By the sudden stable banking system and by the good results in the areas of export, tourism and technology prices around Marbella are particularly attractive to buyers who pay in pounds sterling in US dollars or in Norwegian kroner; not only because of the location but also because of the quality of life and the charm of the region. According to the website real estate market specialist
Marbella and the Costa del Sol have attracted many buyers and given the previously identified flourishing economic situation, this will also continue in the year 2016.

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