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How many influences have real estate agencies in the real estate market?

Andalucia has seen prices of houses and apartments, where last year, several indicators showed an overall recovery of real estate in Spain as well as tourism, which often precedes the acquisition of real estate by foreigners. However, in Andalusia, this improvement varies by region. Here is a selection of the locations where it will be worth buying in 2016.

The Costa del Sol, a paradise for overseas buyers

Coastal regions like the Costa del Sol are doing well, where prices had fallen by almost 35% (some goods that were written by almost 70%). If that area is recovering its property market is clearly thanks to foreign investment. In 2015, 40% of sales came from foreign buyers Malaga and Marbella, the proportion was 60%.

Marbella is the heart of the Costa del Sol, also known as the Costa del Golf and properties, as there is almost 100 golf courses. You want to know about Greenlife Golf and the advantages you have when making real estate business and play golf

That said, offering for quality property located in advantageous locations has a tendency to reduce. In fact, prospective buyers often want their second home is in an excellent location near an airport to be able to get to the weekend, and close to shops, hospitals and other facilities. These types of properties are rented elsewhere more easily.

It still exists in the region many empty properties, a little less convenient, but cheaper. Their prices should not increase in 2016. It is clear to Malaga and Marbella as real estate sales recovered in 2015. While other Andalusian cities like Torremolinos and Benalmadena have not experienced this growth.
We can isolate some heavenly places, including golf courses, luxury buildings, beautiful landscapes, all within the own microclimate on the Costa del Sol.

Examples of houses and apartments for sale in Andalucia:

In San Pedro de Alcantara: luxury apartment with sea views
In Nueva Andalucía: 2 bedroom apartments from € 106,000, spacious apartments in an exclusive golf course Nueva Andalucía Aloha, discounted duplex in the “Valle del Golf”
In Puerto Banus: houses 3 bedrooms house with pool, residence in the heart of Puerto Banus
In Guadalmina: 2 bedroom apartments near the golf Guadalmina
Benahavis: 2 bedroom apartments in a field near a golf course, 2-bedroom apartments with sea views.
In Benalmadena: apartments € 129,000

Vista de la capital de la Costa del Sol
Vista de la capital de la Costa del Sol

The Coast and other places worth a visit:
Sotogrande, which offers spacious apartments € 111,950, but also in the exclusive complex in the heart of the port of Sotogrande.
Estepona, where we sell three bedroom apartments in the field, or in houses near golf courses.

Inside, the housing market is more difficult, since it is mainly based on local demand. However, luxury goods offer interesting for those who dream of living on the coast alternatives. Ronda, for example, is in the Andalusian mountains. The properties for sale have stunning views of the region and in the Mediterranean horizon. We sell luxury apartments 2 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms.

What are the right steps to invest?

To make a good investment, it is advisable first to go there, “plus the local market is known, is the most credible negotiating prices,” advises Nicolas Tarnaud. So do not hesitate to ask for help from a lawyer in place. There are French-speaking lawyers for all acquisitions abroad, which can be found either through a lawyer in France, or by consulting directly with the French Embassy in Spain. “It is better to ensure its operation for a few hundred euros to go blind,”.The housing market is recovering in the Costa del Sol.

Spain sees light at end of tunnel

Differences by region because in 2014 seems to have marked a turning point in the Spanish crisis. For the first time in six years, property prices have increased. The National Institute of Statistics talking about an increase of 0.3%. The increase affects both the new as before. But other figures herald a recovery. GDP (gross domestic product) rose 1.4% after five years of decline and advertising growth up (+ 2.5%) in 2015. Tourism also seems to record a version of the activity with booking increase. The downside is that unemployment is still very important in the Iberian Peninsula (about 25%).

Vista de Barcelona y la costa mediterranea
Vista de Barcelona y la costa mediterranea

It is well safe distinguish different regions of a country that is seventeen times larger than Belgium. If recovery is particularly sensitive in the region of Madrid (+ 2.6%) and Catalonia (1.1%), other regions continue to suffer. This is the case for example of Navarra and Extremadura. For more information, you can contact in Marbella the real estate advisor Ignacio Acosta Sorge. For more news visit are web about properties in sales in Marbella.

Belgians, preferred regions have long been the Costa Blanca (Alicante) and Costa del Sol (Malaga, Marbella …). In 2014, between 3,000 and 3,500 properties were sold to Belgians, a figure of the Spanish Chamber of Notaries. By way of comparison, the Belgians had bought In total, 400 properties in Spain in 2008 …

Specializing in these two regions, Liege Zapinvest agency with offices in the place is the front line to see the recovery that takes place in coastal areas. “In the Costa del Sol, the market of goods available begins to decrease, insists David Zapico, his boss. New construction projects are even beginning to emerge from the earth, which had been seen for several years. In the Costa Blanca on the contrary, the activity did not cease and prices have increased by 10-15% since the beginning of the year”.

On the side of Alicante, Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa, so the Belgians keep coming. Especially since the Costa Blanca is known for promoting projects of modernist architecture. “Cubic houses went to bloom from the plane! Confirm David Zapico about it. They are always very popular with the Belgian investor, although it was more interesting to buy in 2014 than today.”

For 130,000 euros …

On the Costa del Sol, however, the speech is somewhat different. “Prices are relatively stable compared to last year. We do not buy more expensive than twelve months ago, but the choice is less great, especially for products that are between 100,000 and 300,000 euros.”

Side Malaga and Marbella, it is always possible to find a two bedroom apartment with two bathrooms and a terrace of 20 m2 with sea views 130,000 euros. For the same amount, on the Costa Brava, you have two very modern rooms with a flat roof terrace in a residence with pool. “Pure investor will have more interest to move towards the Costa del Sol, as it is a place of recreation and more easily lease their property. By contrast, the Belgian who wish to enjoy himself at home in the sun with all common facilities are casting a tranquil retreat in turn, to the Costa Blanca “

Prices have gone up and down, but the market is on the rise again

You are thinking of investing in real estate and want advice? Instead of leaving their money to sleep in a savings account that gives underperformed inflation, why not enjoy an apartment or a house in the area of Marbella?

In fact, besides being a good investment buying that property it is an investment that guarantees a rental income throughout the year. Moreover, nothing prevents you spend your vacation or a long weekend and enjoy your apartment or house in sunny Andalucia. That would be a mistake to compare the real estate market in the area of Marbella with the Spanish national real estate market.
There are about a million unsold new homes in Spain now. It is mainly for apartments in neighborhoods with few services, which in concrete construction density higher than the winter turn into ghost towns, where even apartments built in neighborhoods poorly consolidated forests.
Its price in 90% of cases, is between € 100,000 and € 200,000 and have suffered from sharp decline. This is not the case in the Marbella area that does not offer this type of property.

Real estate market in the Spanish coast

The distribution of investments in the Spanish real estate market is fairly common in large urban centers and coastal areas of the Costa del Sol and the Balearic Islands, which are better than other regions. In 2013, the Spanish property investment amounted to 6.5 million euros with a strong demand for real estate either by land or premises. As well individual properties, there is an upward trend with growth faster than in years earlier, spurred by mortgages that are returning gradually and more attractive prices for individuals and large investors.

This year, investment is expected to reach 7 billion euros, an increase of 15% over the previous year. It is expected that similar growth rates for individual investors 2015.Mientras are mostly buyers from Scandinavia, Russia, the British Isles and Middle East countries, those looking to invest in commercial or selling properties large cities usually come from China or the United States. Currently  is one of the most sought by these investors in Europe or the United States places. Investors in the region attended the repurchase of Sotogrande SL by US investment firm Cerberus, while others favor the development of buying and d’immeubles of “land banking” and the acquisition of large extended properties held coast.

What are the prices of properties that are currently in the area of Marbella?

Marbella was also affected by the explosion of the housing bubble in Spain. The actual sales prices have fallen by 30% and in particular for properties with a selling price of less than € 1,000,000. In the best residential areas of Marbella, a property was worth between € 500,000 and € 800,000 can be purchased between € 350,000 and € 650,000! The most expensive properties have also fallen and their owners adapt and adjust their selling prices, which resulted in the recovery of property sales over € 3,000,000.
Therefore, the market for domestic and international customers with high purchasing power resurged.
In the properties of € over 2 million, there are good opportunities to buy old houses to write because the owners prefer to sell “as is” rather than continue investing in the money in restoration.

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