Marbella: How is lifestyle in Costa del Sol, Spain?

Because of its warm climate, Spaniards have become accustomed to a lifestyle outdoors. In the past, almost all the inhabitants of a city or town went to “Paseo give UN”, ie, a walk in the streets, chat or enjoy a coffee at the local bar. Luxury penthouse at the foot of the beach coast.
Today, people spend every day a little more time outside, playing sports, enjoy the sun in some of the most famous beaches in Spain, walk or take a drink in a bar. Now here else proves better lifestyle in Andalusia where the Spanish traditions are associated with a more cosmopolitan culture to create a lifestyle with long summers and mild winters.

This area offers a number of outdoor activities including golf, tennis, paddle tennis and going out to eat, meet, have fun in the most glamorous clubs on the beach. But not all the time to enjoy this lifestyle outdoors, since most of the properties and real-estate market are designed with emphasis instead on the outside and combines intelligently modern interior design with terraces, gardens and pools.

Marbella in the Costa del Sol
Marbella in the Costa del Sol

Houses incorporating a glamorous outdoor living area

The villas on the Costa del Sol usually have nice big terraces and lounges open areas leading to outdoor dining where families spend time during the long summer months. These properties may also contain terraces with barbecue areas or corners of tables, however, these days you can find these facilities in elegant gazebos with bar. Impressive villa in the popular urbanization in the Malaga coast.
Located near modern infinity pool surrounded by wooden decking, pergolas are equipped with kitchens, bars, lounges, locker rooms with showers, flat-screen TV, a sound system and other recreational facilities that add to this lifestyle for other free luxuries like air jacuzzis, tennis, golf or croquet field, fish ponds, along with magnificent views of the Costa del Sol and the Mediterranean Sea.

The apartments and penthouses on the Costa del Sol are unrivaled, with its spectacular views of the Spanish coast and the Mediterranean Sea, extending to Gibraltar and the African coast. The most exclusive properties are built around this view, with luxurious rooms and panoramic rooms, large terraces facing south and occasionally terraces in penthouses with 360 degree panoramic views over the Mediterranean. Malaga coast is paradise compared to Florida in the United States.

Miami Beach aerial view
Miami Beach

A great location, excellent lounges and outdoor dining areas, solarium, terraces, roof gardens and swimming pools, hot tubs are not uncommon. Some villas have an outdoor bar around which we gather with guests or watch the sunset on the Costa del Sol, while others are intimate and private places where you can hide and enjoy a view from an angle more personal. In its many forms, styles and orientations, out of luxury properties in Marbella they offer a variety of ways to enjoy your exclusive lifestyle.  Should I buy in Spain?

Southwest or southeast: choose the right side for your property in Marbella

What is the best exposure for a house? Perhaps a simple at first question, the debate about what the exhibition offers the best view or temperature for a house in the Costa del Sol is not easy to solve. Select the “correct” exposure is actually more subjective than it will look, and depends on certain personal criteria. But how to behave from the start is to have a good understanding of the pros and cons of each orientation in order to be able to identify those that meet their needs and lifestyle.
Terrace facing southwest.
Usually, potential buyers in the area have always preferred a southeast orientation. This particular orientation provides sunny mornings with the sunrise, but the cold nights in front of the house, as the sun sets in the west. Tourists and foreign tourists are very fond sunny mornings on the Costa del Sol, in order to absorb as much sunlight as possible during hours of intense radiation of the day. And conversely, the Spanish tourists opting instead for a southwest orientation; which means a cooler home in the morning and warmer night, considering the Spanish lifestyle with its outlets until late at night, sparing the house the high temperatures of the day.  To contact one of the most important agents of real estate in the region  Ignacio Acosta Sorge.
These large properties that correspond to the two descriptions; The next step is the lifestyle or the use of each time to find out what suits you. The next step is to think seriously about using you go home; She will be a holiday home for the summer, or a house for the whole year?
Permanent residents of the strip and foreign tourists tend to choose a southeast orientation, ensuring a warm house during the day in winter. In summer, have a house where it’s warm is not very important, because most people are at work or in air-conditioned offices. Ideally, in the time I get home, because it will cool and ready for the evening. This guidance provides a pleasant level of warmth and light during the morning and night, summer and winter. Pool overlooking the Costa del Sol The view overlooking the property is also very important to note.
It is well known that the best sea views of the Costa del Sol often come from a southwestern corner; It is extending from Andalusia itself and going along the coast to Gibraltar and North Africa. For those who prefer the view, the sunsets and orange hues of red area behind a crystalline sea, a southwest facing property is for you.

Spain and the real Estate: 60% discount in the time  2013/2015

The game turnkey, the real estate agent of a bank is to visit the apartments of a luxury residential complex on the Costa del Sol, Spain, but even give discounts of up to 60%, half of the units remain. desperately empty the story is now standard in this country in crisis: the Mirador de Benalmadena, near Malaga (south), consisting of more than one hundred apartments fell a year ago at the hands of the savings bank Cajamar, who referred to settle debt of a promoter who can not pay. “With us, the price (housing) has been drastically reduced compared to that requested by the promoter,” says Joaquin Luque, manager of real estate assets of the bank, along with a large pool surrounded by gardens and waterfront, but which one swims.

A two bedroom apartment, which cost 400,000 euros before, is now available to 250,000 and, for that price, “we have discounts up to 30%,” he says “if visitors come and make an offer, we are studying it.” As Cajamar, the vast majority of Spanish banks are from the bursting of the housing bubble in 2008, with a stock of housing and land have become for them a real cannon ball, while market prices are falling precipitously. To get rid of a single solution. Launch sales campaigns at very aggressive prices led to foreign customers Santander, the first bank, promised that their “real estate assets toxic (low or very difficult to sell, ed) appartiendr (has) the last in 2013, “BBVA and, number two, is set within 18 to 21 months to liquidate all its buildings.

“Discounts up to 70% until 30 September,” “dwelling on the coast from 36,700 euros”, also promises Solvia, company that manages the housing stock of Banco Sabadell. With a record unemployment rate of 24.6%, while domestic banks are increasingly reluctant to lend, difficult to expect to sell the Spaniards. The idea is enough to attract foreign customers, especially in tourist areas. A third of the 676,000 new homes for sale is exactly on the coast, said Jose Manuel Galindo, president of the Association of developers and builders of Spain, who works with the government to promote outside the borders of the portfolio of Spanish property. For more news visit are web about properties for sale in Marbella.

“He must identify the most active markets: look at the countries of the European Union but also to emerging countries such as Russia and other markets such as China,” he said. For this, “we are working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to simplify administrative procedures for buying housing in Spain”, by facilitating visas and the transfer of capital “ obviously with safe traceability to prevent money laundering “she promised. Paradoxically, the strategy of the other banks to dispose of their property … is to restart the concrete.

“There are banks that have land that today no one is buying,” said Fernando Encinar, head of research at the real estate portal Idealistic. “And if the land is well located in the cities where they know that by building affordable housing to be sold, then begin to build.” However, it remains well below the level reached before the crisis: according to the Ministry of Housing, while in 2006 Spain 737.186 units built in 2011 has been built as 76,005.

Continued increasing demand for properties in Marbella

Unlike the prospects for domestic demand, experts predict that it is expected that the current trend of increasing interest for luxury property to strengthen and grow. And if that is the case, at the end rederessement we are witnessing since 2011 could become a large-scale restoration in 2015, but not before property prices have been under considerable pressure.
Increasing the application properties in southern Spain. As the price of the most coveted properties is beginning to stabilize, the cost of the base of two bedrooms in undesirable neighborhoods could decrease during the year.
However, if the global market continues to strengthen, this will lead to a general stabilization of prices before they begin to rise slowly. Currently the market offers more attractive prices, which is already visible for the most coveted properties in the best areas.

Therefore, the old houses in prime locations have been restored and the number of new development is growing, increasing the supply of newly built properties that were beginning to run from the decline in construction from 2008 .A report was recently made by the company valuation of real estate ‘Tins’, which shows the average time during which the properties of the Costa del Sol remained on the market before being sold; It has fallen below 18 months of apartments and small houses, and less than two years for larger villas in the articule in the web site
In addition to all sales, the amount of construction and research levels, is another sign that the property market in Marbella has made a good start, with a growing clientele and even more varied than before.

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